Antithesis of Entropy

Perhaps, he had found the answer that he was seeking.

(He couldn't define the question. How then, could he recognise its solution?)

It is a simple word. Like all other words, it holds great power. There is a rich etymology to this word; an uncommon word, but nevertheless, a word symbolising exciting ideas.

It has a more well-known twin - "entropy".

He always felt that the world - due to certain benevolent powers - tends towards order. Or at least, obey natural, immutable rules. Yet, all his studies contest this intuitive feel. Academia posits the natural retrogression into chaos, disorder, entropy, disasters and deaths. Certainly, nothing cheerful.

It was serendipitous to find this word - extropy. Surprising and awesome.

Extropy - [noun] represents the orderly, progressive manner of a unified generative force beyond current limits.

It was comforting to know that there is a balance to entropy, a relief.
Extropy paints the existence of a divine intellect, a higher and benevolent architect of life. It is the moon among the dark eddies of ignorance and pride, a symbol of hope.
It struck him that many parallels between science and life can be drawn.

The movement of negative particles towards their oppositely charged counterparts may be construed as micromolecular instincts to seek balance. Yin-yang harmony.

Newton's 2nd law is a mirror of human frailties and the trail of chaos they leave in their wake.

Sinusoidal waves represents not only the movement of light and sound, but also the cycle of birth and death.

It came as a surprise (and somewhat of an insult) when the prof suggested that the theories of science couldn't be so readily extrapolated. He wasn't extrapolating the theories. He was simply seeing the parallels between theory and philosophy.


But since he was studying another module under him, he must keep quiet and be as meek as a mouse. After all, all must toe the line in an autocratic society.