Underlying order

Why do the equations have such suspiciously similar forms? Aren't they accounting for vastly different aspects in the physical world? The incongruity between the similarities in form but differences in function...

What is it that these scientists see that we don't? Arrhenius. Clausius. Clapeyron. Van't Hoff. What is that you all see that we don't? The schemata of life? The fundamental order that living organisms abide by?

These apparently simple equations are, essentially, elegant summaries of the laws governing physical world. To him, it felt simply... magical? Discomforting? Disorientating? Even musical? The equations each has a hypnotic quality to them when they're read aloud.

He wished he could talk to this cadre of human beings. To figure out what makes them tick even as they figure out what makes the natural world works. Would they share philosophical observations? Or would they merely be nerds-scientists?

Is this why Einstein wanted to come up with a grand unification theory? Because he recognised this eerie order beneath the facade of entropy?

Too many questions, he thought, and no easy answers. He wished that life can be flattened into 2-d problem sums on paper - even though he knew that the wish was fruitless even as he wished. He felt that life would be far simpler and more elegant if every situation, event and person can be summarised into neat sets of mathematical formulae.

But he wouldn't really want what he wished for to come true. Not yet, not now, not here anyway.

There is too much to life - too much joy and sorrow in equal measures. Reductionism into generic equations will erase the million shades of meanings that cannot be conveyed. The bittersweet feeling after exams, the hollow happiness of victory. The plaintive felicity and self-indulgent melancholy. These myraid shades, they elude easy definition. And, this is why life is unpredictably vibrant.

Still, whatever equations we have now, however they reduces the complexity of life into sum/differences/product/quotient of organic factors, they are elegant, aren't they?