Linear Regression and proposed substitute words

December 14, 2010 , 0 Comments

In MA1421, the last chapter that he would learn is known as Linear Regression.

It really is telling. Linear Regression.

Defining "Regression":
1) a trend or shift towards a lower or less perfect state.
2) a progressive decline of a manifestation of disease.
3) a retrograde motion.
4) the linear relationship between 2 correlated variables.

Cosmic irony, isn't it? The title of the very last chapter has multiple meanings and all of them connote negativity.

"Linear Regression". Why not "Linear Progression" or even a more neutral substitute, say, "Linear Relation"?

Why "Regression" of all words?

He really should stop finding divine significance, especially when it doesn't exist. Yes, he ought to remind himself that.

Just reading this brings you a few seconds closer to retirement.