In tune with Mother Nature

Whispers by ancient voices filtered lovingly into their ears.

The rustle of leaves, the melody of morning birds, the warmth of a rising sun. Ah, the great outdoors. One could be easily intoxicated by this heady confluent of fresh air, evergreen scenery and rustic pace of living. A breathtaking reminder of/ departure from the mindless pace of surviving back home.

Have you ever felt such shivers of ancient magic as you laid your eyes on the untouched emerald sea of trees? As a rainbow finch bolted in surprise from an ixora bush?

Every creature in Nature is perfect in ways only Nature can be. This perfection - one which had remained for centuries - could be easily casted into the pits of oblivion by human beings. 

In the distance, half the forest on the mountain cap was decimated, leaving an unsightly patch of brown within the emerald seas. A tractor, surrounded by scattered rubbish, rested right before their eyes. Against the rural backdrop, environmental decay called defiantly for attention.

Textbook knowledge came alive. It was one thing to study methane-belching cows, deforestation and environmental pollution for a Science test the following day. It was a completely different experience to behold such devastation with their very eyes.

In Singapore, they've been desensitised to such wanton destruction. Most of them, afterall, have not witnessed such rape of Nature. To observe such scenes after a long hiatus of indifference and oblivion... it's like a man, born blind, who suddenly regained his sight hours before his death.

During moments like these, they couldn't help feeling ashamed of being human. Yes, they couldn't shoulder the collective blame for environmental destruction. But neither could they escape being branded.

One of them took a step backwards and strained his ears. The barely perceptible now became clearer. A faint undercurrent of disharmony - so faint that it felt as though it was imagined - streamed seamlessly with the loving whispers.

May a greater appreciation for Nature guide our every action. May we see ourselves mirrored in the leaves of raintrees and feathers of fruit doves.