Except for Oxley Holdings, recent IPOs are all heavily subscribed. GLP, MIT, Anchun, Xinren, Nordic, Yamada. Most of the aforementioned companies experienced a quantum leap in price on their debut day, with some share prices jumping by as much as fifty plus percent.

If you win the lucky draw and was assigned one lot of GLP, on the very first day, you'd have made a profit of $300 ++ with minimum effort.

But, please don't be greedy. (A note to myself as much as to others). The prices of these shares dropped to around the offered level within one or two days. (except MIT and GLP).

According to local media, in this month, a Shariah compliant company would be listed. It is bound to be heavily oversubscribed, what with the extremely healthy dividend yield of 8.45% p.a. This dividend yield triumphs the interest rates of any bank anywhere any time.

It would cost around S$1000 to get one lot. One might try applying for it, although it doesn't mean that oen would be allocated. Ahh, life, we don't always get what we want.