Reminder to self and all

Confucius once said, " orchids grow deep in the forest, but they don't lose their fragrance just because there is no one to appreciate it. Likewise, men of noble character will not let adversity deter their will to cultivate the Tao and establish virtue."

"The man of virtue speaks through his actions, and practices what he preaches. In everything he says and does, he diligently follows the teaching of the sages. The man of inferiority only shows off his eloquence. He is quick at making demands on and finding fault with others, while contributing nothing."

"The man of virtue treats others with sincerity. When he sees his friends acting unethically, he warns them of the consequences and persuades them to act out of conscience. His words come from his heart because he genuinely cares about the well-being of others. As a result, his friendships grow stronger over time. Conversely, men with inferior character are built on the purpose of creating turmoil for the other party. They look amiable on the surface, but they attack each other behind one another's backs."

"The man of noble character values virtue; the man of inferior character values comfort. The man of noble character thinks of the sanctions of law; the man of inferior character thinks of favours which he can receive."
From Standards for students,

"Advise others with compassion and virtue is established on both sides. Ignore another's mistake and principles are lost on both sides."

A man's words and deeds are influenced by his state of mind. The man of virtue carries thoughts of kindness and rationality in his heart. His words and acts are consequently full of love, kindness and generosity. When the man of virtue arrives in a place, his pure, kind thoughts influence the people around him, awakening the conscience of others and planting the seeds of integrity and kindness.
On being influenced:

"Zixia will improve quickly because he enjoys spending time with those who are more virtuous than he. Being with kind people is like staying in a room filled with fragrant flowers. As time passes, one is influenced and assimilated by one's environment. As such, the man of virtue has to be careful in choosing who he stays with."

"It is immensely beneficial if one stays close to those with kind hearts. With the passing of each day, one's virtue increases, and one's mistakes are reduced. To stay away from kind people is harmful. One becomes drawn to men of inferior character, which will result in many problems."
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Enchanted by the ageless wisdom and wanted to share it with everyone else.

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