Conformity - Internalising the Gaze

While it doesn't matter to me what others think of me,
it matters to them what they think of me.

Realised that I'm comfortable with who I am
and satisfied with what I'm doing.

Realised too that there are many people
who aren't really that comfortable with the XY
who I'm comfortable with.

It's the little things that bring out this discrepancy most starkly.
It almost doesn't matter what others think about me. I know what I am not and their thoughts, while mildly irritating, doesn't displace me from my equilibrium.

But, since it's obviously important to them what they're thinking, perhaps it's good to pretend an interest in their thoughts about me, themselves and the whole wide world.
There's no need to understand or respect anyone as an individual anymore.

Perhaps, they don't want to. Perhaps, they're afraid to. Perhaps, they don't want to because they're afraid. In any case, it doesn't matter.

It is as it is.
Gazing inwards then outwards is dialectically different from looking outwards then inwards.