Was taken aback by the spools of cotton wefting across the azure skies.

Clouds are beautiful. They were, am and would be continue to be beautiful. But today's clouds, they are special.

They stretched endlessly across the skies, little pristine patches of white against a dainty china blue. Absolutely breathtaking.

Once, when I was feeling frustrated with drawing, someone told me to look at clouds and be dazzled by them. "The clouds that God painted." Today, as I was immersing myself in these fluffy joys, I recalled this friend's words.

A sea of patchy whiteness which unfolded forward and backward endlessly.

It seems to be a good way to meditate, to look at the skies above and feel their ancient wisdom flowing through every fiber. Nothing matters, not to these clouds.

Us, with our petty problems, egocentric-ism, academic, financial and social woes, doesn't matter to the clouds. They float along, peacefully, serenely. They want for nothing.

In the greater context of life, many things we feel are important may actually only appear to be important. Cloudy steps.

There's no need for a resolute approach/ intellectual rigour when viewing clouds.

Simply look at them, appreciate their beauty and step away from the mindless races.