A little surprise

It came at a timely moment, an unexpected salve to soothe one's wounded ego.

He was mulling - obsessing? - over a painful mistake he made. He was ignorant and he paid heavily for the ignorance. Since I've paid the price, I must learn a lesson, he comforted himself. It wasn't that bad after all. He didn't pick up his handphone (as it was set to silent mode) and missed an important call. This failure to pick up a call turned out to be as beneficial eventually as it was painful initially.

Then, while he was still trying to see the seed of optimism in the mists shrouding the mistake, an unforeseen shaft of wondrous white light penetrated his dreamy - mildly nightmarish? - reverie. He received a call from an unknown source and jolted awake to grab his mobile phone. He was unlikely to miss a phone call in the near future.

It was a call from SDN. He won some shopping vouchers - try counting the number of vouchers in the photo? - for participating in a little contest. The contents of the winning story was so mawkish, so sickly sentimental that any reader would unknowingly break out in goosebumps. He was pretty certain that the number of people feeling nauseous after reading the story would tend to infinity.

Any description of the story here could not do any justice to it. And so, he shall refrained from describing it. A silly smile stole across his face. This would be one epic moment that he could forever tease his brother about. :]