Inward Eyes

Her eyes no longer smile, he noted with disappointment.

There's no longer any personality behind the showy facade of gaiety and niceties. 'Hello, how have you been?' 'You know, right.''Maybe we can meet up next time?' Polite small talk filled the silence, the silence which would otherwise be painfully awkward.

He thought of many friends who had gradually lost themselves. (Have they lost themselves? Or are they just maturing and mellowing?)

They had became masters at concealing who they are so that they can fluidly adapt to different social circles. Their individual personalities are kept in tight check.

More soldiers in the burgeoning army of fleshy automata. More people who smile and talk and walk with cool, aloof purpose.
There was this comment that members from a certain elitist program and a certain humanities faculty have the higher percentage of people who smile but not smile.

Everyday, it is a parade of masks and everyday, eyes are glazed and smiles, fixed.

Is this abnormal or is it the norm?