Living with awareness.

He wants to experience the full spectrum of emotions. From the most radiant joy to the murkiest despair, from the river of aqua serenity to the ashes of broken dreams. He wants his life to be like a natural landscape, to have ups and downs. Yes, he thought, yes. He don’t mind experiencing valleys. After all, the most dreadful valleys can bring great joy when it’s finally over.

What he doesn’t want was for life to be a monotonous plane of grey.

He is, in a way, afraid of being entrapped in the mundane day-to-day life that academia thinly offers. He is scared of merely studying, of only studying, of losing sense of all that is important.

After a tiring jog, he perched lightly on a bench to observe people. There was a vacuum in their eyes, a tired slant in their sloping shoulders. They ought to be sad but sadness, it seemed, was too much for them to feel.