The Power of Imagination

Today, I came across one particular story yet again.
A convict was supposed to be put to death. Why not make the best use of this opportunity to conduct an experiment? A psychologist thought and so, plotted.

The convict was placed in a dark room and a butter knife was pressed against his neck.

Earlier on, it was explained to him that his punishment for all his heinous crimes was to die from a cut to his neck and the sustained loss of blood. Rightly so, he was frightened.

After being sliced by a sharp knife - or so he thought - the convict can only hear the sound of water dripping from a tap - although he thought that it was blood dripping from his wound.

The next day, the convict was dead. His face was pale, as though drained of blood. Yet, in reality, not a drop of his blood was spilled.
Can't really examine the provenance of this popular story. Is it based on reality? Or is this simply a tale dreamed up by a psychologist during a boring wintry night?

However, the obscurity of its provenance should not eclipse the gist of this tale: One's imagination does exert a great influence on one's wellbeing.

Whether it is a positive or negative influence, well, it's really all up to one's daily decisions.