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The surprising elasticity of time.

Time is a physical unit. Every school-going kid probably knows that time has a scientific definition and the SI unit for time is second. Like any other technical term, time can by measured, gauged, defined, quantified and calculated.

A scientific, methodical analysis of Time is probably going to put most people to sleep; anything that needs to be measured, gauged, defined, quantified and calculated tends to be boring. How about looking at the more romantic side of Time then?

Time is synergistic to emotions. It flies by when one is enjoying oneself and slows proportionately to a bored mind at a boring event. In other words, it compresses when one is feeling positive and stretches when negativity abounds. (Rarefaction and compression under certain conditions…seems that Time, like Light, have wave-like properties too.)

Not as immutable as one thinks. It feels as though all scientific terms should be definite, bland, boring and soporific.

To believe that Time, a scientific term, is otherwise brings a sense of incredulity.

Time, one realizes, can be mould by perception. It feels like play dough, which can be shaped. It is organic; it responds to emotions. Maybe Time should be reclassified as a Living Thing.

Time changes and Time can be changed. Wow.