The Native Indians had always found it strange when they saw Englishmen being directed about by wristwatches.
The latter would look at their watches, express surprise then hurry off to their next meal or meeting. They would wake or sleep according to small numbers etched on the little timepieces. How…weird.
The Indians, however, ate when they felt hungry. They awaken when the sun peeped across the horizons. They sang when the harvests were in or when the moon was a full, luminous orb. They rested as birds flocked to their roosts. They smiled, rejoiced, cried in symphony to their inner rhythm.
They were aligned with what was.
To them, it was strange how those Englishmen required intricate – somewhat useless – machines to tell them what to do. Couldn’t they feel what they are supposed to do? Strange how they allowed some little trinkets to dictate their movements.
What about you? Are you allowing little things to dictate your thoughts and actions?