5 common responses to dealing with mistakes:

1) The Liar - 'I didn't do it. Prove it.' 'It wasn't me. She did it.'
2) The Justifier - 'It's okay. Everyone made this mistake. I'm not the only one, so it's okay.'
3) The Blamer - 'It's all the teacher's fault. If only she taught me better.' 'If only my parents are smarter or richer.'
4) The Denier - 'It didn't happen. Nope, it didn't. Everything's fine.'
5) The Quitter - 'I shouldn't have tried. I should have known that I'd fail.'
-Kiyosaki's Guide to Investing

So easy to shirk responsibility when mistakes happened.
So easy to simply repeat the mistakes without learning from them.
So easy to not repeat the mistakes by simply never trying again.
Was astonished to find this lesson on life in an investment book. Been expecting notes on fundamental and technical analysis but found these unexpected pearls instead. On hindsight, I shouldn't be that surprised - one's attitude colours one's perspectives in all areas of life.

Such limiting beliefs abound, be it when studying or investing or doing business.
Irked me endlessly when people kept saying that they've failed - even when they haven't even tried.

A convenient excuse for laziness.
Actually shared these lessons with a kid but didn't think it went well. Biting lessons on self conduct are difficult for adults, even more so for kids.

Turned out to be rather awkward for both of us. Felt rather rude - but am honour-bound - to point out the weakness in the kid's attitude towards life and living.
May we all learn to be responsible for ourselves by responding wisely to mistakes.