Lame stuff

Might as well write something light-hearted today (since I'm feeling particularly buoyant after a heavy breakfast and a light exercise).

Disclaimer: I didn't do any of the following deeds.
I walked into my favourite bakery and was solemnly deciding what my breakfast would be.

Spotted a new employee and decided to be friendly. 'Hello, are you new? How long have you been working here for?' I gave him my friendliest smile.

He seemed puzzled for a while. 'Erm, I'm the boss.'

I quickly made my purchases and fled in embarrassment.
Left some stains on the floor carelessly. Irritated, I picked up a bottle of water and poured some atop the stains.

Just wipe with tissue and it would be clean, I thought.

To my surprise, the liquid I poured out had a strong fruity smell. Tasted a bit from the bottle...Turned out that it was actually lemon barley drink! *)&^()@%#

I blamed my brother for leaving his bottled drink about. He's just out to make my life difficult.
Went happily for work in the morning. Was glad that I'm doing the morning shift - can get to go with my friends to the beach later :] In fact, I was looking forward to this day greatly; it would disrupt the dull monotony of the current working life.

Asked my friends to stop joking with me when they insisted that I'm supposed to be working in the afternoon shift. 'Hah-ha. It's not funny.'

Turned out that they're right. I'm actually scheduled for the afternoon shift!

Technical analysis of charts, understanding the patterns within the Periodic Table, drawing mathematical graphs doesn't faze me much. That's why I'm astounded that I managed to read the simple schedule wrongly.
Just telling some stories (which I've never experienced myself).