Wealth and Health

We might be blind to the familiar discomforts - oblivious to them, conditioned to their presence over time. Then, slowly, quietly, we begin to realise that despite fulfilling all our material needs, we're suffering from an inner poverty.

Bids to achieve peacefulness - meditations, reflections, introspections - create only greater awareness of the existing internal turmoil and in that, cause more unsettled feelings. The paradox of pursuing peace is that it often leaves us less peaceful.

How then to transcend such a phase of painful self-awareness to peaceful self-acceptance?

Decided to fulfill this promise to self to be happy. To live and let live be. To abandon illusions of grandeur and splendor, to consciously cease striving for all the glitz and glitter.

It's an easy decision to make but a difficult one to sustain.

All too frequent, I find myself wishing for what others have. Some call it 'status anxiety', some name it 'benchmarking' and others, 'greed'.

And everyone seems to be fighting for the resource that is essentially worthless. Money. There can be no resource more readily available, less costly and yet, more powerfully magical, than happiness.

Yet, few set it as goals to attain. Have you ever heard anyone say that 'I'm going to be happier than all of them'?