Behaved like a complete cuckoo as I tried to purchase my first trench of stocks.

'Excuse me, may I know how to pay for the purchase?'
'So sorry, may I know...'
'Thank you, just one last question...'

The lady answering my call couldn't be more helpful. Felt kind of guilty about boring her with my amateurish questions. (But in terms of investing, I'm a guppy baby in a tank of piranhas. Have to be really careful.)

Was jittery the day before, trapped at work and with no access to Internet. Almost had a cardiac arrest - more popularly known as a heart attack - after realising that the shares plummeted.

How can they drop right after I made my first decision to buy?!

Thank goodness, actually got the shares at a lower price than expected. Sitting on a little profit of - guess how much? - seven dollars.

Anyway, was really fascinated by the complex mechanisms that govern equities trading. It was like O level A maths, only way more difficult.
The profit rose to fifty dollars and my heart soared along with it.
The profit skyrocketed to two hundred dollars and I floated among clouds.

And then, the shares dropped to a more realistic price. Still made a little profit. The joyful feeling became subdued. Anxiety sprouted.
The whole process of stocks trading is an emotional roller coaster. Feelings rise and fall in tune to prices. It adds thrills to an otherwise monotonous life. (Not to mention how it subtly encourage existential greed). Think that's how an addiction begins. Have to watch myself really closely.

Don't know if I would ever risk buying more lots of shares though. Too frail to handle all the stress.