Job and Security

It’s a period of revelations. Had worked as or am still working as a talk facilitator, a camp facilitator, a retail assistant, a resort ambassador, an admin assistant, part time tutor. Finally understand why adults say that choosing the most apt job is important. (Used to, in all youthful ignorance, think that adults are antiquated dinosaurs; turned out that I'm beginning to empathise with them the older I become.)

Misery – not outright, full blown depression but a subtle rot of dread and discomfort – would set in once the initial euphoria has worn off. The joys of working would diminish rapidly, fading into a tuneless, uninspiring monotony.

A rat race, that is what it is called. Day to day living, without being aware. So busy making a living that one forgets to live. What a waste!

It really is important to choose the job most suited to one’s inclinations and refuse to define one’s life by popular social metrics. And it is difficult, relentlessly tiring too.

'To be nobody -but yourself - in a world which is trying its best, night and day, to make you everybody else means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and keep fighting.' - e.e.cummings

Could understand why people prefer the cloistered life offered by the army. It is a languorous existence, one that does not demand much and pays reasonably well.

Met up with friends who confessed that they miss the simple sheltered living within the army. There and then, every day unfolds according to plans; the future holds no surprises. These confessions are somewhat secretive, as though tinged with embarrassment.

Doesn’t it feel easier to be swept away by the currents and choices of Time than to swim against its tide? After all, it does not require effort.

But swim against it, we must. Aren’t overcoming challenges what that makes living all the more vibrant? All the more exciting?