Bumbling around

Intrigued, he decided to read up on bumblebees’ flight.

Kiyosaki had written that bumblebees, against all known laws of physics, manage to fly. They carry their awkward bodies gracelessly through the air, buzzing around. According to the equations of motions, bumblebees – with their non-streamlined body shapes, relative heaviness and short wingspans – shouldn’t be able to fly. Aerodynamically, they just can’t.

Yet, they fly. They had been flying and would be flying. They were flying long before human beings dreamt of flight, long before the first plane was invented. They fly for they don’t know they can’t.
It’s just miraculous.

A thin silver of faith sparked.

Everywhere, through every possible means, people are succeeding beyond their wildest dreams. They succeed for they, like the humble bumblebees, believe they can. They trust. Therefore, they are.

Is it really that simple? Believe in oneself, have confidence and success will naturally follow?
Intrigued, he Googled. Turned out that the thoracic cavity of bumblebees are able to pump air such that an uplift is created. That biomechanically, bumblebees can fly. That the psychics used to account for the aerodynamics did not factor in the biomechanics. That, ultimately, bumblebees obey the laws of Nature.
He felt cheated, disappointed. It had been so magical to believe that bumblebees, those awkward buzzers, can surmount against all odds.
Disillusioned. He really shouldn’t have tried to find out more.

I think that I should trust too.