Between the Doors

The veneers of youth are slowly chipped off. Time wears away what was once thought to be important, revealing what that is truly vital. (Hoping that it’ll reveal a stout, sturdy core.)
‘You know, when I was your age, I used to feel this way too.’
‘That studying is kind of stupid.’
‘Who need A maths or Chinese or – insert any subject that one dislikes – to be happy?’
‘Parents really love but they’re kind of a nag too.’
‘It’s natural. All that will pass.’

In the phase of life where one is able to empathise with both adults and teenagers. On the threshold between these dual phases, with a foot in each, and unable to fully feel for both. A vague recollection of how being a teenager feels and a half-baked idea of what being an adult is all about.

It's really fun tutoring when in this phase, the kids feel that I truly understand them, that I'm not a fuddy-duddy.

Kind of enjoys this dynamic equilibrium. It’s a breath of fresh air, filled with possibilities of fortunes (and misfortunes) yet to come. Changes are afoot.