A Spoiled Headphone... Or is it just Liszt?

Was listening to some music when my headphones went bonkers. The scratchy static caused me to shiver unwittingly.

Had immediately drawn my phone from the pocket to check what was wrong, only to find out that I was listening to a Liszt symphony.

It was the first time I had actually mistaken classical music for equipment malfunction. -.- Was rather appalled at that time. What a faux pas! But it was an understandable faux pas.

Liszt's staccato pieces are emotional roller-coasters, capable of dragging its listeners to the very depths of despair. They're pessimistic audio narratives of the human condition.

I have always consciously avoided his symphonies and the gaping emptiness that they leave. The induced melancholy... It's an acquired taste, one that I've yet to acquire.

Here's a sample of his song:

The soporific tunes - calm, peaceful, serene symphonies - of Mozart and Vivaldi is a lovely change from Liszt's dire orchestra. Some of my friends, however, view the tunes by Mozart and Vivaldi as boring, dull and insipid. ('Listening to these composers make me sleep! Why are you listening to them?')

Music is a polarizing field; There can be no agreement on what defines great music. It all boils down to what one prefers - the inane or the insane or any type in between.