Fact or Fiction

Was fingering a fiction book wistfully, tempted to be drawn into the alternate reality it offers. Used to read storybooks, one after another, always hungry for more. The feeling of immersing oneself in a different world was intoxicating.

Wait, let's see... Think there's a nice-sounding word to describe this. Escapism, they call it. Escapism.

Everyone have their unique ways of escaping reality/routine. It might be reading manga, watching movies or even playing virtual games. The sheer indulgence, while relaxing in moderation, induces lethargy when prolonged or when in an overdose.

And it's so difficult to resist such insidious temptations.

Fact or fiction?

Have decided to give up on the latter. It seems to be a time as good as any to give up on foolish dreams and face up to the reality of life and living.