Wondering about existence

It's really hard to be one's own cheerleader.

Suddenly felt this wave of lethargy swamp me, draining away all energy and optimism, leaving naught but parched grounds behind.

Feels as though too much activities - tutoring, work, outings - are packed in a single day such that there's no longer time to do what feels important - to learn, to read, to draw.

Feels as though each day's fading into and out of existence without me being truly aware.

Feels as though life's mainly a monotony, punctuated by brief periods of vibrancy, that life's not an epiphany, not a symphony.

It's really sad, isn't it, to live life without knowing.

How many people realise that they're wasting their energy, time, life away by pursuing mere material wealth? And for those who realised, how many of them - how many indeed - feel drained, dread?