Stories of the people around

He stepped awkwardly into a flat, one that he had never entered before. He did not know what to expect, how to act and react.

'Tututututu, doors are closing. Pasir ris.' A little boy sounded suddenly.

He was confused by this random, yet energetic, phrase. He turned and smiled at this little, innocent looking boy.

Later, he found out that the poor kid had a debilitating fever when he was young. The fever... it caused him to grow up to a very special kid. The life he's leading now, it would be very different from the life he might otherwise be leading.

The boy's fascinated with automated doors. The seemingly magical opening and closing of doors by their own will, their own initiatives. The sentient responses of the doors, their ability to detect the motions of the people around them. To him, it's magical. He could spend hours playing/walking through doors with sensors, be it through the entrance of hotels, elevators, trains or buses.

What others take for granted, he views as miracles that never lose their magic.

As a special treat, his dad would bring him on MRT trips around Singapore. Just MRT trips, nothing more and more touchingly, nothing less.

They would hop onto the trains, travel around the island, walking through the automated doors at every station. After the kid's tired out, they'd then head home for a rest.

'Doors are closing. Tututututu.' These words, they sound so different now.