For his Daughter

My cousin, a social worker, just shared with me this incredible story.

This story, it just doesn't get covered in the newspaper. It's too surreal to be true and paradoxically, too surreal not to be true. It's so unbelievable, so stunning, so shocking. All the more why it must be true for no one could dream up such a plot...

Driven by desperation and love, a father stole a can of milk powder for his baby. (Milk powder's really expensive nowadays, check if out if you will.) He was jailed for this petty offence as he already had a criminal record.

What's worse? He actually took drugs to boost his guts before he dared to steal the milk powder.

Can't imagine the despair the dad must be in, to be forced into such circumstances. To steal milk powder to feed his baby.

The anguish, the dilemma, the resolve. The fears, the doubts, the actions... and the eventual arrest.

Don't know the man personally. Have no inkling of his name, his history, his present state, much less his future. But sincerely wishing him and his baby well.

Take care, sir, and please, don't give up on life.