cloudy musings

Feeling a lazy sense of satisfaction in life and living. It feels wonderful to just flow atop the undercurrents while basking in the benevolent light of the sun.

To quit resisting change, to embrace what that might be. This harmonises the sense and the soul, creating peace where it hasn't been for a long time.

Had always been seeking - I've no idea what I'm trying to find, just know that I'm trying to find something - and it feels as though I'm finally ready to give up this search. The search was for the elusive object or idea or paradigm that could fill the gaping emptiness within - a purpose of life, a purpose to live, a purpose for living.

Then and there, I gave up the search.

Feeling unfettered ever since this deliberate decision was made. There's a certain power in not caring, a certain power in no longer caring. A pleasant feeling of floating among diaphanous clouds.