He left his present in the care of a stranger - his friend's friend - and left quietly, almost sneakily. And in that act, he felt a strange combination of shame and courage.
'I would never be happy,' he told his friend with a sad, faraway look in his eyes.

He had no idea why he said that. Perhaps he just wanted to see if anyone care for his existence. Or he just needed to know how others would react to such an outrageous statement. Maybe these words reflected a suppressed thought, he really had no idea.

But for whatever reasons, he said it.

The resulting silence, the slightly stunned expression of his friend caused him to regret saying that. He felt an acute disappointment when no apt response was forthcoming. In that moment, the world was reduced to him and his injured feelings.
Life has been better, ever since he decided to seize the day and make every moment count. It was amazing, the subsequent brightness and brilliance.

Before him, many flowers unfurled. He just wasn't sure if he liked this whole new world or preferred the monotonic past.