Random Thoughts

Shall exercise my faculty of will to wean myself off the addiction to gloominess and pessimism.

Somewhere, somehow, I've lost the quality of exuberance and innocence that I once carelessly possessed. I didn't treasure them back then. I thought that being happy was easy. It was a state that I was so used to.

Their presence was not appreciated but their absence was startlingly conspicuous.

Only when I've lost them did I realise how precious innocence and felicity truly are.

The loss, it was irreversible. It led to a darkening vision, a gradual hopelessness, a general belief in the futility of living.

It's time to reverse this excessive notice of all things negative and start paying attention to the present.

The single bloom of wild flower, the almost-quiet warbling of neighbourhood songbirds, the sparkle in the stranger's eyes. Perhaps, if one look hard enough, there's beauty every where. Perhaps, there's beauty where ever life is.