Thankful for the friends who made it difficult for me to feel sorry for myself.

Am a very determined person, sometimes to my very detriments. Was painfully determined to be moody. Deliberately altered my online status such that no one would know that today's my birthday.

No one, I thought, would know about this day. It shall be a day as typical as any.

Planned to sit in a quiet corner in the neighbourhood park under the dusky lights of the street lamps. Planned to simply enjoy some ice-cream, write a bit, read a little. Planned to feel sorry and happy that I've chosen such a route of painful self-abandonment.

Planned to mourn my birthday. To mourn the global warming that I'm contributing to, the waste gases I generate, the thoughtless, hurtful remarks that I shouldn't have said...

Guess that's why I'm so relieved and grateful for friends who won't allow me to do all that. They messaged me uplifting smses, gave me treasured gifts and reminded me that perhaps, my life isn't so meaningless.

Thank you all, friends, thank you God, for all that and more.