A Fair Weather Friend

He's regretful after rashly telling his friend that he's a fair weather companion.

It's sad, the way he behaves when he's particularly needy and vulnerable. It's sad, how he pushes his friends away when he needs their support and understanding most.

He was feeling so disappointed that he behaved in an uncharacteristic manner. 

'I'm feeling rather lousy now but I won't tell you why since you're a fair weather friend.'

He didn't know why he did it, why he sent that message, especially since he had decided not to tell his friend why. Perhaps he just wanted to relieve those bottled feelings and that particular friend came to mind. Or more honestly, that guy was a distant friend whom he rarely met up with and their social circles were so different that they hardly overlapped. Surely, it was safe to speak to that friend.

He was afraid of getting hurt, of being close to another person and that attendant potential for being injured.

This friend responded in an awkward manner.

A hurt person would be so wrapped up in his pain that he wouldn't be able to feel for others. He wondered if his friend was shocked to receive such a message for neither rhyme nor reason. He wished that he didn't always put himself in the position where he has to apologise.

Thoughts, all fragment. Sigh.