Commune with Nature

Did these works a few months back in ballpoint ink. They were part of the 'Commune with Nature' series, works concerned with exploring what it would be like if plants and animals could communicate with us.

It was a period of sustained revelry in Nature's wonders, of much time spent wandering in places rich in Her presence.

It was also a period of saddening realisations - the adverse, even horrific, effects of human activities on Her and Her creations.

Would we still indulge in such damaging work if we could hear their cries? Would we be able to?

The Wolf with Mouth
The Talking Orchid
The Tree with Eyes and Mouths for Leaves

These Surrealism-influenced works merges fantasy with reality, truth with illusion. Animals and plants are personified, given human features and characteristics.

Perhaps the cacophony and chaos of life could be transformed into one seamless symphony when one could communicate, understand and empathise with all.

A whimsical, somewhat wishful, thinking on my part.