Radiance II and Organic I

Radiance II is an exploration on swirling colours that sing in a harmonious melody. Done in the traditional (and tedious) wax-resist method of Batik, this work has been lovingly guided into existence.

Hues of scarlet and orange dance in graceful motions, dazzling the eye with their radiance, brilliance. Love this work for the melancholic swirls of energy that invigorate and yet, soothe.

Fumes of wax taunted me while creating the little beauty beneath. It's really no wonder Batik's a dying art, the painful procedure - hot wax, headache-inducing vapors, stubborn stains - is contributing to its demise.

But whenever I lay my eyes on any eventual painting, I'd be so filled with awe. This is all worth it. And I would embark on the troublesome route again, each time thinking that it'd be my last and each time breaking the promise to myself that it'd be the last.

Art is about beauty, philosophy, truth. It will always be a part of us, no matter what happens, no matter whichever paths we thread.