Overseas and beyond (IV)

The second day spend at the school was eye-opening, with their kids putting up some traditional Malay dances and ours doing a hiphop dance routine.

We bid farewell most unwillingly with this very hospitable school and their teachers.

From what I could remember, our Singapore students treat foreign visitors with aloof diffidence. I could only hope that they would not be disappointed by the lukewarm welcome they would most probably receive the next time they come over to Singapore for immersion trips.

We visited some museums to understand more about the culture of Brunei in the afternoon. Can't say much about this, it was rather fun at that moment in time. The curators were eying the group tensely as the kids frolicked about, treating the museum like a playground.

To be honest, the kids treated everywhere like a playground, so we tend to attract unwanted attention everywhere.

It was followed by some shopping at the pasir malam where I saw this: