A case of narcissism. Self-love in which one listens to one's voice - thoughts, opinions and all - without genuinely listening to what others have to say.

Such listening's always laced with the need to prove others wrong, that they have wider and vaster and more superior knowledge than them. It's often common for one to form replies to others' words even before they have completed the sentence, in one's self-interest to impress.

Made a decision to speak less and listen more, to listen with love, to speak out of love, to act out of love. Not, of course, out of self-love. But out of love for humanity and the glimmering soul that lies within all.

Made a decision to promote growth, to aid growth of others. Made a decision not to shackle others' to my very own narcissistic tendencies, to let them be the best that they can be without negative judgement, criticisms and demoralising words. Made a decision not to draw attention to myself, but to pay attention to others.

Harder than it seems, harder than it seems. As difficult as any other changes in one's psyche. Learning to listen, it's not easy at all.