The ending is a beginning just as life and death defines each other. The poignancy and sweetness of a moment feels sharper and sweeter in the subsequent moment of quietness.

Time moves along, oblivious to the protests of the human beings it sweeps away. We all want more time to do more - earn more money, acquire more knowledge, impress more people. Is that why one keeps feeling stressed? Is that why there is never a second of sheer silence, tranquility, peace?

The year's coming to an end. Many experiences - both good and bad - swirled around me. I stood in the middle of the vortex, trying to make sense of it all.

I was glad when an army friend whom I had long lost contact with began to contact me again. He was a joyful and insightful presence. I was glad when I celebrated the birthdays of a few close friends with them. I was glad when I grew closer to my brothers. I was glad when I had the rare opportunity to visit Brunei. Oh, I was glad for many many things.

And all those numerous conflicts shall be cherished too, for the lessons they impart and the growth they force.

Some of the things I was glad for would probably be too insignificant for others to consider as worthy of attention or delight. But, nevertheless, treasure them I do.

Just counting my blessings, I guess. In a world filled with few people who could ever be satisfied.