Taking Charge

Always torn between decisions.

How I wished someone would make all the choices for me so that I could blame him for all the consequences.

It's so much easier to thrust one's fate into the hands of others, to abscond from the responsibility of one's future.

It's harder, much more difficult to make decisions when the effects of each path feels so stunningly clear and daunting.

But make a choice I must, and let the Lord guide me. Amen.

Dear Lord, I trust in you, and follow the almost-silent calls that You send to me daily. The whispers are always there though I fail to hear them sometimes. Please continue to nourish me, so that You can be proud of me. I thank You for Your parental indulgence and strictness and love and kindness and patience and understanding and guidance.

For someone who isn't a Christian, I tend to pray very often. Would rather believe that there is a benevolent force looking after us than to believe that the world is random and meaningless.