Primary School Daze

Was in a school in Hougang for my last and final time as a course facilitator.

The kids there were rather sweet at first. They obeyed my directions rather quickly and responded with much fervour and enthusiasm.

To my utmost curiosity, three girls kept pointing to me, giggling and whispering under their breaths. Apparently, I look like Nigel - one of their classmates - what with the caterpillar-like eyebrows and NSF specs. It was most disconcerting to have people so focused on my words and actions.

They turned out to be rather sweet people, sharing their blog addresses with me graciously after the course.

But, the guys, they turned out to be quite a horrifying nightmare. Spend much time trying to introduce some law and order, which was quickly disrupted by petulant or playful kids. Had to keep trying to get them to focus on the chief speaker.

Went nutty when they started shoving each other during a game. First time during any course that I lost my temper. How could they push and fight in the hall, with so many people watching? Can't they take care of their own physical health?! Must learn to defuse such tensed situations with calmness and grace.

All in all, it was an educating experience :]