Overseas and beyond (V)

Day 5:
Probably the most memorable day of the entire journey. After all, who wouldn't remember the first time they tried eating worms?
It tasted plain weird. I was in a daze after that, with why did you eat the worm?! repeating endlessly in my mind like a badly-tuned radio. And the plantation worker below actually ate the fat worm live!

We visited the padi fields to try our hands at planting the seedlings. It was really therapeutic, planting the padi seedlings. Rows after rows, rows after rows. It's immensely gratifying, doing something tangible that has an immediate effect.

The girls were hysterical as they sank in the mud while the guys found their place in the world as they frolicked in the mud. I suspect that the latter are reincarnations of swines.

Actually, I was rather tempted to join them in the mud but desisted. See, I'm all matured now.