Note to Self

For the past few days, I was dealing with oil paints, trying my best to create breathtaking fields of colours.

Other than squishing perfectly fine paints about on a perfectly fine canvas and wasting both the paint and the canvas, I didn't achieve much.

I hate to make mistakes. Perhaps, this is the effect of the education system on me, a fear of failure and the attending censure.

I want to reach the end without traversing through the wilderness during a journey.

So many authors speak of the priceless rewards of growth during a journey. They say that the lessons learned, the experiences gained can never be forcibly removed. They cannot be stolen or cheated or scammed or pilfered or purloined. These life's lessons will be retained by the learners no matter what happened.

But, in my youthful impatience - for youthfulness, it is! - I am unwilling or simply unable to appreciate the journey as self-discovery.

The most apt way seems to be keep my eyes focused on my goals while relishing the events and surroundings around me. To focus on the future while relishing the present.

It's time for me to let go of such limiting beliefs and strive onwards with fervour, in spite of fears.

Practise makes perfect, go on!