A New Journey

Am going to Brunei soon as a tour leader.

My aunt got back recently from this stint as a tour leader and enjoyed herself completely, repeatedly saying that it was a good experience. The kids were well-behaved and the teachers guided the students well. All she had to do was some minor admin and help herself to the mountains of food.

Apparently, there's always food to be had in Brunei, particularly if you're on a cultural exchange trip.

Am a little hesitant to embark on this journey. In fact, I'm particularly fretful and am sleeping fitfully.

New experiences frighten me. Why so? I guess it's because I am afraid of making mistakes and the attending criticisms. I'm scared that I'd not be loved by the people around me for failing to be perfect, to be beyond reproach.

It's a bit hard, almost unimaginably difficult to let go of all those limiting self-beliefs. How does one find courage to pursue one's dreams when one doesn't know what it is?