Tuition for Kindergarten and its Horror

Was searching online to see if there are people who require guidance for their learning. Didn't expect to see anything profoundly disturbing.

Yet, I did. I was shocked by some of the advertisements, searching for tutors - NIE trained, current teacher, 5 years of experience, female etc - for some kindergarten kids.


Tech-savvy parents were actually searching for tutors for kids who are barely 5 years old. Ain't that amazing?! And it wasn't just one family, but a few of them!

Perhaps I'm being presumptuous but the poor kids! So young and yet they're forced to sit and stuff their brains with cold, unfeeling facts. What about playing? What about exploring? What about the faculty of wonderment?!

The education system - so highly competitive! - is driving desperate parents to take desperate measures to put their children ahead of the pack.