Kidding ourselves

I'm feeling kind of langourous right now.

A bit of preparation for tomorrow's work as a course facilitator. Hoping that it would get easier with more time and greater experiences.

Planning to regale the kids with my credentials -whatever little that I have, however much I can get away with. My brother pointed out quite aptly that the kids don't want to answer questions and would prefer very much to listen to stories instead. Let's hope that I have lots to share with them.

I would be bringing my sketchbooks over. Perhaps they'll find the books delightful?

Kids kids, the pillars of our nation. Please go easy on the facilitators, 'kay?
Had a wonderful time, the kids were really quite enthusiastic about learning, with one or two guys who kept jetting towards me in mock attempts to attack.

Another facilitator shared his tips: just be more kid-like than the kids and they'd be putty in your hands. Sounds true, doesn't it?