A Tale of Embarrassment

Was playing the Broken Telephone with the kids today when something extraordinary happened.

The kids were supposed to pass a message - my Lexus biscuit is as green as my uniform - and the last person to receive the message at the end of the row was supposed to run back to me and tell me what the message was about.

The first kid said, 'My Lexus biscuit is as clean as my uniform.' A bit off, but nevertheless, good job.
The second kid said, 'My Lexus biscuit is as green as my uniform.' Good, spot on.
The third kid said, 'actually, I am a gay'. Actually, I am a gay?!

Nearly died from laughter. Never in my entire life had someone come right up to me to declare his sexual orientation. Everyone was trembling with mirth, merriment dancing in their eyes and faces pulled into wide smiles.

The poor kid was sabotaged by his classmate, a naughty fella who deliberately altered the message.

On hindsight, I really shouldn't have made him repeat that message to the class aloud. Worse still, I echoed his words with a louder, booming voice. Most of the kids were clutching each other in helpless laughter. (I can't control my laughter too)

The class have to be the most interesting one I ever took. Really fun-loving people. :]