A Day as a Course Facilitator at a Primary School

It was a terribly draining experience. But enlightening though.

Was in a primary school yesterday to serve as a facilitator for students transiting from primary six to secondary one. It was a one-day course, filled with much information and activities.

When my elder brother first approached me with that offer, my first instinct was to turn him down. Can't imagine standing in front of a class, directing and guiding them. The eyes, over 40 pairs of eyes, focusing on one. Isn't that unnerving?!

Quite monstrous, the kids. Was shouting in the left direction when kids sitting to the right begin waving their upraised arms frantically. They can't hear me! And when I turned to them, the kids to my left immediately begin to feedback that they can't catch my words. Little nightmares.

Wondering how teachers manage classes of hyperactive kids day in and day out. They must be saints to achieve such monumental deeds.

Notes to self:
1) Understand the class's history
2) Speak firmly and clearly
3) Use tools to aid demonstration
4) Set ground rules before beginning

They told another facilitator (who happened to be my brother) that I looked geeky. Pain-

Had a debilitating sorethroat by the time the course ended.

P.S. the kids are actually quite sweet, apologising for not cheering loudly enough. Really enjoyed the interaction with them :]