About to begin on the tenacious art of batik painting.

Bit nervous as though I'm meeting an ex-lover after not seeing her for 12 months.

Fear that I won't be able to create works of startling beauty.

It's time, time to take the leap despite self-doubts, fears and limiting beliefs.

No one ever moves forward when they focusing on the past.

Perhaps art can be one of the stream of income, passion merged with livelihood.

Please please, have the courage to move forward regardless of what others feel or think.
Need to learn to focus on others and reply in a tactful manner.

'No one nor schools have a monopoly on intelligence and diligence. I'm sure everyone can do well.'

Don't tease or joke in a manner that might prove to be hurtful. Learn to control your mouth! Don't let it get away with its wild comments, tame it! It's not a separate part of you and shouldn't be allowed to act on its own accord.

Learn to listen, for only through listening and inspection, that one can achieve growth and enlightenment. Listen and observe, listen and observe. Speak less, Learn more; Talk Less, Observe more.