A Long Time

Inspired by O'keffe's art, I decided to try painting with oils again, after a 3-year hiatus.

It was a simple oil painting, with abstract, mellifluous colours. Nothing to 'boomz' about.

But I did love the gentle swirling colours. The fields of blues, shades of yellows and the peachy orange.

Lots of flaws, nothing that will stun people into silence and lots of room for improvement. I'm planning to paint much more often, to answer the silent calls within.
Was writing to numerous schools, offering myself to be a relief teacher. I love the work of guiding students to greater understanding about the world. After all, the Latin etymology of 'educate' means to draw from within, to bring forth and out.

Strongly against the mindless dumping of knowledge into a child's mind. Learning should be and can be fun.

Just yesterday, the two cousins I am tutoring gave separate feedback that they could solve their O level maths questions. Their joy was palpable. I shared in their happiness, glad that I could be of service.

Someone told me that I would be drained if I were to try treating each student as an individual, to attempt to structure each lesson such that it's both enjoyable and enriching. In my youthful idealism - for youthfulness it is! - I replied that at least I'm striving for an ideal. To set a higher goal and fall short is far less shameful than to lower my expectations and meet it.

And, thank goodness, I chanced upon another teacher, one who told me that there would always be detractors in whatever one does and so long that one places the welfare of the students foremost in the mind, one can't go wrong.