The State of Our Current Education System

It's sad - thoroughly and truly - when students from diverse backgrounds unite in a common disdain of Singapore's education system.

Learning can be and should be fun. Yet, these kids, despite being total strangers, find their education banal and boring. It is as though their joy for learning was systematically sucked out from them, leaving them dull, dry and barren.

It aches me till no end when the kids I am tutoring fail to respond to every approach to learning.

They are so completely disillusioned with life and learning that almost nothing can impel them to go on, strive on.

I enjoy teaching and tutoring. I can put in the utmost efforts into preparing notes and would choose giving extra tuition over going out with my friends for recreation. That's probably why it hurts so chronically when such dedication yields minimal results.

That's probably why a calling feels like a curse.

I'm only giving four kids home tuition and I'm already drained by their diffidence. Wondering how it would feels like to teach a few classes of forty students.

It's no wonder why so many teachers are burned out! Either they care and they get discouraged or they don't care and become indifferent.

Our education system, a sad parody of life in Singapore.


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