The value of setting goals should never be underestimated. Napoleon Hill understands it; Tony Buzan understands it; Adam Khoo understands it; Mr Wang understands it.

It seems that everyone understands it except our NIE-trained teachers and students.

In attempting to motivate my students, I became aware of the need for them to set goals, to have aims that they could aspire to.

To my horror, I found out that no one ever asked them to set goals. Their parents didn't. Their friends didn't. Their teachers didn't. No one ever did. They are practically floating in a sea of uncertainty, with no sense of direction or purpose. They could only go where the wind blew, helpless and hapless.

And in this age when so many people seek instant gratification, it's unbelievably difficult to get my students to focus on their goals and plans to realise them. The resistance and friction are tremendous.

After some severe headaches, I decide that the best method for students to set goals and read them everyday is actually quite simple... It is to reach them through their beloved handphones.

Do you have any friends/brothers/ sisters/ students struggling in his studies? Why not suggest that they try this?

1) Get the students - preferably the whole class - to take out their handphones. (enjoy the gleeful but puzzled glances they give one another)
2) Ask them to type the following out:
I enjoy learning and wants to know more.
English: A1
Chinese: A1
E.maths: A1
A.maths: A1
C. Humanities: A1
C. Science: A1
Visual Arts: A1
3) Request that they set the following note as screensavers for their handphones; Advise them to set it as wallpapers for their laptops, computers; Encourage them to write this note down and pin it onto the walls of their bedrooms.
4) Ask them to genuinely believe that they can do it while constantly reaffirming their worth as individuals.

Of course, the kids can personalise their list of goals. 'I want to study in RJC before achieving a scholarship to study in Oxford'; 'I want to be a caring Student Leader, son and brother'; 'I am going to be the next Minister Mentor.' etc etc

Remind them of their goals as and when you can. Encourage them to take daily action that would move them towards their goals. 'Class, remember to study that extra hour if you want to get those 'A1's for your impending O-levels.' etc

It's an easy enough experiment, rather worth trying.