Random thoughts

bit drained.

wondered if i am putting too much of myself into tutoring, so much so that i leave no room for myself.

a thirsty wanderer dropping pebbles into a drying well.

to get the water level to rise so that he can scoop some up to drink.

futile, painful, perhaps even stupid.

trying, keep trying.

can't quit. don't want to quit. won't quit.

even if it costs me my social life, i must get these people - my cousins - to do well for their exams...
mule-headed, me.
longing to go for art exhibitions...

singapore art show
national museum

must schedule time to visit these lovely events...
pondering how to ignite interest in studying. how to get people to be curious, inquisitive about the wondrous world around them.

nuturing people into holistic individuals is turning out to be far more demanding than i expected.

how i wished i can stop caring.

didn't know if what i am employing the correct pedagogy when tutoring. the tensions of not knowing. the pains.
beginning a series of surreal drawings... releasing the tensions of constant fretting. escapism.

surrealism is the marriage of skill and substance. an art movement that i am intoxicated with. argh- i want time to go for the exhibitions!